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Weather and butter.

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This year Norway and Finland have shared at least three things. The first snow arrived in Oslo on the day of the Finnish Independence, December 6th. The same in Finland.

On second Christmas day the storm called Dagmar invaded Finland and Norway, many places in both countries are still without electricity because of falling trees and power poles. I was up late when it arrived in Oslo. I live on the seventh floor and the noise of the storm was such that I wondered how on earth was I going to be able to sleep. But after two-three hours, it just suddenly stopped. I did not see any trees that had fallen round where I lived, but in Helsinki there are several uprooted near my building.

Then in both countries one could not suddenly find any butter in the shops. When I read Finnish newspapers, it seems as if they thought it was only in Finland where it was difficult to find butter. Fortunately I hardly use it. It seems the dearth of butter is caused by the interest in the low carbo diet. I think the dieters eat butter, not margarine.

Spelling mistakes and new year again!

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At Oslo airport yesterday I picked up a glossy magazine printed for the passagers. It had quite an interesting article by a Norwegian. It was mainly about unpublished photos of the photographer who takes photos of Nobel Peace Laureates. One of them was the former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari. But why did the writer think she knew how to spell his name, did she not know any Finns to ask. Spelling mistakes in both names: Marti Ahtissari. I must write to her.

I must repeat the former blog. It is New Year again! This time I am going to celebrate its coming by going to the Senate Square with thousands of other citizens, among whom, by the way, I have never yet to recognise any friends or relatives. There will be speeches, music, fireworks. Somebody wrote about sausages, will they be free? Next year Helsinki is going to be the Culture City of Europe. Also celebrating 200 years of existence!

There will also be special buildings lighted up, I have not yet been to see them.


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New year again and I hardly visit the site. I'm in Finland again and have a new lodger, who has two children. So much stuff they have too. They look like they owned the place and I was the lodger! Of course, I have to loose lots of things, I cannot live in Helsinki as that would mean leaving my daughter and grandchild in Oslo. Neither can I move things to Oslo where I have a small apartment. It is good that someone lives here.

My camera stopped working, it does not come on, new batteries and all. Fortunately I was able to take photos of the new year reception. I still have the camera in my Nokia phone.



A diploma

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I returned to Oslo for a while, but all three of us travelled to Finland in the beginning of July as Daniel, my son, and his wife came to Europe and he wanted to visit his grandmother's grave. They arrived on a Sunday evening at 17.00 at the airport, then we had a whole day together. They left again early on Tuesday morning, I went to see them off. I should continue to move away things to be able to get a lodger, but we also want to take my grandson to places. I went through all the letters between my mother and me, that she had kept. I cut all the stamps and will take info from the letters, I would again start to write my autobiography (heh heh).

Seeing the city

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I am in Helsinki to tidy up the apartment from all that I can throw away. The city is however too interesting to keep working. I had not been to the zoo here, Korkeasaari, for years. There is no zoo in Oslo. So I took the boat there, it only takes 10 minutes. The cat area was quiet, many animals had had babies and were caring for them inside. The largest tiger was sleeping in the top of his area, at least one could see the beautiful colours. Before I left, the lions had come out. The male was lying next to the wall but got up hearing children's voices. He quickly got an audience and rewarded us with a few lusty roars when he was walking away. Later I got some photos of him, only the thick bars gave an unhappy feeling. There is a guy on Flickr who takes photos of animals at the Melbourne zoo in Australia, I never see any bars! kalteri?

 I never learn that when an opportunity offers itself, it is best to take a photo and not wait for the situation to get better. The lion lay down with his back towards the fence, so the tip of his tail was sticking outside. I waited just a second too long, and he movew away.

They have a couple of wallabys and an emu. I am used to seeing these aninals in Australia in their ordinary surrounding, where there is always lots of grass. Here was hardly a blade to be seen. I had some nice photos, the emu was eating a salad head stuck in the fence.

The brown bears also came out. I got a nice photo of them walking one after another by the poolside. I also took a video, they had been digging a big whole on the ground.

 Amur Tiger

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Oh my, to put it mildly.

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In Flickr, my photography site, one of the members of my Munkkiniemi group had sent a photo. He had tried to take a photo of a line near the tram line in Munkkiniemi, which flares up with an orange light at night when a tram gets close. As this happens quickly, the light went out before he was able to take a photo. Of course, I wanted to go and see if I could make it. It was almost 11 at night when I left home in Munkkivuori. After finding the line, glass pane inside a metal frame, I took a photo where you could just see the thing, shining greenish with a reflection of the street lights. Fortunately the trams were frequent, as for various reasons, I missed the light also. In the end I was successful and took the bus home, at about 12 at night. There were only a few people in the bus. When I left it at my stop, I noticed looking at the departing bus, that the person behind me had also got out.

When I started down the path to home, he caught up with me. Young, with black hair, not a Finn, not Mediterranian looking either. 'How are you?' he asked with broken Finnish. 'Where do you live?' Warning lights for me. 'Up there,' I answered. 'I live there, 'he pointed to the right. 'Where have you been?'  'I was taking some photos.'  'You were doing that?!'  And then: 'Come with me.' I declined. He started insisting. A few meters and he blocked my path. I said that I was old. 'It does not matter,' said he. Then he touched me, I moved away. I asked him to let me go but was able to walk just a meter or so when he stopped me again and touched me at the back, being quite close. I was not frightened but I was worried, wondering how to get out of the situation, rape is always a possibility. I was also angry. I looked into his eyes and said: 'Do I have to go and ring somebody's doorbell?'  We were just beside the row of terraced houses.

I was actually surprised as he immediately left me and disappeared through a gap in the houses. At home I had to call my daughter, to talk with someone,  it was about 11 in Oslo. She asked me to promise never to go out alone that late.

Next day I changed my coat, it felt better.



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Easter has long since gone. Weather was fine.

Now I am in Finland again, Hämäläisosakunnan Laulajat, HOL for short, had its 80th anniversary concert,

I wanted of course join the extended choir singing in the end, comprising of the present choir and any former singers who wished to join. Below is a photo from the practice by the new choir, I have no photo of with the 'seniors singing with the present choir. We heard present choir also sing also some interesting new compositions by a member.

Afterwards we had a nice dinner in a restaurant, with speeches and memories. I was lucky to sit with some interesting friends that I had not talked to much  before..


Some old friends

Before concert

Soon Easter!

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Yes, I should write more often. We had lots of snow in March, quite too much even for Norway, mountains of snow everywhere where the tractors had piled it. They were allowed to throw clean snow even into the sea as collection places were filling up. Now it is getting too warm, most of it has melted. But I was able to take some fine photos, also in Finland.


I joined the Facebook after my daughter did. I think I have found 19 friends by now. It is a quick way to see what your friends are doing, if they use it frequently. I am certainly not using its whole capacity, I have so much to do on flickr.


Shadows in snow

The comet Lulin

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We had some clear days about a week ago. I was trying to find the current comet, Lulin, but could not quite know where to find it. NASA wrote to look for it before sunrise, but I did my search in the evening. Once I directed my camera to a point where I seemed to see it through the binoculars. I zoomed the camera but as it was on a tripod and directed to the part of the sky where I thought it was, I could not see the viewfinder. Afterwards, I saw something strange in the camera, with a blue centre. No other stars. When I transfer the photos into my computer, I might send it to NASA to see what they say.It is supposed to be closest to the earth tomorrow, but we have had snowfall and cloudy skies the whole week.