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Australia: I lived there almost 10 years, my son is back there, my daughter here in Norway with me. It was the prime time of my life. When I got married, I was already 37 years old, it was exciting to move to a new country, especially so special as Australia, with different fauna and flora. It might still be interesting to live in Australia, though it has changed a lot since my days. Only I would not be able to stand the Sydney humidity in summer. I loved to live in Canberra but now it would be too far away from my son. I visited Australia in 2007, after 20 years away, to see my son married and liked just to take long walking tours in Sydney.


This is my home country, where I lived the first 37 years of my life. After finishing school, I started studying  English philology in the University of Helsinki and later became an authorized translator from the Tampere Language Institute. To practise my English, I started frequenting the Anglican services at the Cathedral Chapel. I also played the organ at some of the services. After the service,  coffee was served. To illustrate how dangerous church coffees can be, I met an Australian Ph.D. at the coffee queue and a year later lived in Australia as a brand-new wife. Jokes aside, I had really given up marriage, and it was lovely to live in Australia as a wife, a new country, a new life.

Now I have been back to the Nordic countries from 1986, first in Finland, later in Norway. In 2007 I visited Sydney in connection with my son's wedding, and it was great to walk around Sydney again. Even better was to see my son after 8 years!

Norway photographs
  I have now lived in Norway for 22 years, which feels incredible. It has beautiful nature, even around Oslo you have high hills.
Some of the food is not that great, maybe special. They think their bread is wonderful, and there are many bakeries, but
compared to Finland I find it difficult to find bread I really like or then it is very expensive.
  But Norwegians are incredible, just think of their national day full of colour, childrens' processions,  national costumes.
Also the way they countered terrorism coming to their capital city with roses and love for each other.


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