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Posted on May 6, 2009 at 5:40 AM

I am in Helsinki to tidy up the apartment from all that I can throw away. The city is however too interesting to keep working. I had not been to the zoo here, Korkeasaari, for years. There is no zoo in Oslo. So I took the boat there, it only takes 10 minutes. The cat area was quiet, many animals had had babies and were caring for them inside. The largest tiger was sleeping in the top of his area, at least one could see the beautiful colours. Before I left, the lions had come out. The male was lying next to the wall but got up hearing children's voices. He quickly got an audience and rewarded us with a few lusty roars when he was walking away. Later I got some photos of him, only the thick bars gave an unhappy feeling. There is a guy on Flickr who takes photos of animals at the Melbourne zoo in Australia, I never see any bars! kalteri?

 I never learn that when an opportunity offers itself, it is best to take a photo and not wait for the situation to get better. The lion lay down with his back towards the fence, so the tip of his tail was sticking outside. I waited just a second too long, and he movew away.

They have a couple of wallabys and an emu. I am used to seeing these aninals in Australia in their ordinary surrounding, where there is always lots of grass. Here was hardly a blade to be seen. I had some nice photos, the emu was eating a salad head stuck in the fence.

The brown bears also came out. I got a nice photo of them walking one after another by the poolside. I also took a video, they had been digging a big whole on the ground.

 Amur Tiger

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