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Oh my, to put it mildly.

Posted on April 30, 2009 at 5:25 AM

In Flickr, my photography site, one of the members of my Munkkiniemi group had sent a photo. He had tried to take a photo of a line near the tram line in Munkkiniemi, which flares up with an orange light at night when a tram gets close. As this happens quickly, the light went out before he was able to take a photo. Of course, I wanted to go and see if I could make it. It was almost 11 at night when I left home in Munkkivuori. After finding the line, glass pane inside a metal frame, I took a photo where you could just see the thing, shining greenish with a reflection of the street lights. Fortunately the trams were frequent, as for various reasons, I missed the light also. In the end I was successful and took the bus home, at about 12 at night. There were only a few people in the bus. When I left it at my stop, I noticed looking at the departing bus, that the person behind me had also got out.

When I started down the path to home, he caught up with me. Young, with black hair, not a Finn, not Mediterranian looking either. 'How are you?' he asked with broken Finnish. 'Where do you live?' Warning lights for me. 'Up there,' I answered. 'I live there, 'he pointed to the right. 'Where have you been?'  'I was taking some photos.'  'You were doing that?!'  And then: 'Come with me.' I declined. He started insisting. A few meters and he blocked my path. I said that I was old. 'It does not matter,' said he. Then he touched me, I moved away. I asked him to let me go but was able to walk just a meter or so when he stopped me again and touched me at the back, being quite close. I was not frightened but I was worried, wondering how to get out of the situation, rape is always a possibility. I was also angry. I looked into his eyes and said: 'Do I have to go and ring somebody's doorbell?'  We were just beside the row of terraced houses.

I was actually surprised as he immediately left me and disappeared through a gap in the houses. At home I had to call my daughter, to talk with someone,  it was about 11 in Oslo. She asked me to promise never to go out alone that late.

Next day I changed my coat, it felt better.


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