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Ice skating

Posted on January 25, 2009 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Back here in Oslo we have had snow twice, lots and lots of it but the weather is too warm.

In Helsinki, they have had the World Ice Skating Championships. I have not watched much, but the unusual thing has been that the gold in women\s singles was won by a Finnish girl, and so was the silver. The third Finn became the fifth!

Now I am watching the show in the end. The funniest I have seen was when a guy started his part by skiing on the arena. I wondered how he would get rid of the skis, easy, he just fell over. He also got off his skiing clothes, revealing something like a Hawaiian shirt. Ice just flew when he skated. He ended by leaning his back on the  fence, with sunglasses on.

The British couple was very good with Scottish costumes and bagpipe music.  

Naturally, the audience gave most support to the Finnish competitors. The only male Finnish skater also shed a lot of ice, but he certainly has a presence on ice.                   



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It seems that I do get some traffic on my site, a pity no-one gives me any feedback.

The snow has all melted away, of course, except in the higher suburbs. It is plus degrees again. When it was very cold I was wearing my late mother's fur coat. Warm but heavy and cumbersome, even while the fur is inside.

No-one has remarked on it, I did not buy it and if some animals have been sacrificed to make it, I do not think their death should be in vain. I do not want to start arguments for or against fur. Just that the coat is there, what would be the purpose if I got rid of the coat.

I remember once wearing a fur hat made of arctic fox, white and  longhaired, and somebody knocked it off my head in front of the Helsinki railway station, I almost remember the spot. I have hardly worn it, it is too warm unless it is really cold outside.

Actually, I like to wear woollen scarves.


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Snow at last! Yesterday I was sitting in a library at a computer and when, after 2 hours, I stepped outside, I was very surprised to see snow thickly covering the ground. I could not help taking photos and even travelled to the Sibeliusmonument to catch it with snow. The result was not very good as I had no tripod. Unfortunately this morning it was at least +3C so the snow will not last very long. But it was beautiful. Of course, if you go to the city, it will be mostly slush.

On the ice

Posted on January 7, 2009 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (2)

It got quite cold, -12 C and of course no snow. I could see the new moon fairly close to Venus and took a lot of photos,

I hope one at least is sucessful.Taking photos of the moon with the small digital camera, the moon is always too bright, you can never seen "the face" and the new moon looks fatter than it is.

As it was so cold, the ice in Munkkiniemi, on Laajalahti Bay was frozen thick. I went there on Twelth Night (yesterday) and there were so many skaters. Not only skaters. people were walking, using sails and Nordic walking sticks. It was good as there was no snow, the ice was quite smooth. It looked very strange, it had probably been broken, partly melted and frozen again. I had never seen ice like that, with different shapes under the ice. Fortunately I can include a photo later. I can remember skating there when I was quite small, a pity I did not have skates now.There was quite alot of wind, but I enjoyed the sun and took a lot of photos. There were many other interesting ice formations nearer to the beach.

I remembered once going on the ice in the city, near the ship routes. The ice was quite thick and the icebreakers had made routes for the ships. People went on the ice during their lunch break and just stood there and watched ships go by. I wanted to recapture that but there was no ice in the harbour at least. I took other photos, I was also lucky, just when I passed the president's castle there was a change of guard and the gate was open, as the relief had just got in, so I just took a photo from the open doorway.

Sailing on the sea

I have already written 2009

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Helsinki University University

It was not cold, and the Cathedral was not pink, it was all colours, but mostly blue. Not only was the Cathedral lighted, but also the University, the government quarter and the statue of Alexander I. There was no pop music, there was even opera singing and dancing. My criticism was that the patform had been set in the middle of the bottom of the steps, so it was not so easy to photograph the Cathedral. There was a screen on both sides of the platform showing what was happening.

I don't know how many thousands of people were there, but again I did not meet anybody I knew. We sang the National Hymn and the "Maa on niin kaunis" with both the national languages.

They said that the fireworks could be seen from the square so we did not need to run to the seaside, but everyone did anyway after the new year was announced. I left a bit earlier, stopping in the middle of the street to photograph, so people were running past on both sides of me. Again I did not have enough power to my camera, but it was better than last year.

On Aleksanterinkatu one could see they had broken bottles, the cobblestones were wet. Near the Atheneum was this guy who plays a drum, a plate and assorted tins. People started helping him to play them, making a huge racket. He kept thanking them. It was not easy to get a photo of him, there were people everywhere, and I could only use my cameraphone.

But anyway, it was a mess, so that's what the photos are too.

There we go again

Posted on December 27, 2008 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

The new year is getting close again. I will be in Finland and would like to go on the Senate Square again to receive new year. I hope it will not be cold. There is usually loud pop or rock playing, I need to stay far away from the platform. I was there 2 years ago, the Cathedral bathed in pink light. I hope it is some other colour now, for change. This time I will see that I have enough batteries for my camera so I can get a few photos of the fireworks.


I just bought the airline ticket. The cheapest for the season is now Blue1. I had to use my daughters credit card, only this time there was an item where you had to give identification number, the only alternatives where credit card number or Frequent Flyer card number. What happened to passports? This must be shown to security and at the gate!

Later I was told that passports as usual were OK, so no problem. I could not take her card with me for two weeks!

Merry Christmas and the New Blog

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Already Christmas Day. Again I was too lazy to go to church. We go to the candlelight church on the Christmas Eve though. That is great, we have much music and have lit candles for a while.

The day outside is beautiful and I know I should go for a walk. The days are starting to get longer again but they are still short. This Christmas we did not get any snow but the sun is glorious.

This is the first time I write in the new blog. This looks OK. What I find annoying that I do not see on the finished page a possibility to click on a button that says edit, the old one had that.


I tried to send some people  a Christmas card I made with the picnic system provided by flickr. The picture is great with the additions but  the way that send the photo on my blog does not seem to work with an e mail page!!




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It is seldom we have fatal fires in Oslo, but the other day an apartment building burned, four stories high and 6 people died.  I do not know what to say, fires are so horrible. I live on the seventh floor, they actually came several years ago and installed on the balcony and in one of the rooms one of those rope things that you can sit on and let yourself down. But we did not have any practice or even a demonstration. I have not even opened the thing to see what it is like, it might be difficult to assemble in the container again. The situation certainly has to be extreme for one to use it. Yet, if the people in that building had had that thing, four floors is not quite as high, they could have used it.

How would you like to let yourself down from the seventh floor?


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So Hilary Clinton did not become the president but she seems to become the  secretary of state. The Buffalo Times said Obama  "announced the nomination of his onetime campaign rival Monday in a move that was lauded by everyone from her husband, the former president, to arch-conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. "

Reading the comments you find out the people did not change their minds about Hilary. An elephant never forgets. They had not forgotten the promises in 2006. "Remember those 200,000 jobs and greatly increased federal aid to NY that Clinton promised in her 2006 re-election bid? Clinton forgot those long ago, probably right after she promised them".

" I think that she will bring enormous energy and intellect and skill to the position," said outgoing Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, a Republican, at a news conference in London. "Most important, I know her to be somebody who has what you need most in this job, which is a deep love for the United States of America."

High praise, and then we will see.



[url=]Hilary Clinton - 03[/url] by [url=]choﻛen1 / Arthur Seabra[/url], on Flickr


Photo by Arthur Seabra  



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It is over, I have not been here for a while but they say after 60 hours, the siege is over. 18 of the dead are foreigners. The TV showed police going through the rooms of the Taj Majal Hotel, all burned rubbish on the floor of the room we were shown.

Vinu is famous, having taken a huge number of photos, bloggers rule!